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Gulf Coast Ultras

Cottonmouth 100 Course

Course Description:

The Cottonmouth 100 takes place on several "Florida Trail" hiking trails: the Juniper Creek Trail, the Jackson Red Ground Trail, the Hutton Trail, and the Wiregrass Trail with connector trails to Bear Lake and Karick Lake. These scenic trails take you along the gently rolling hills of the Blackwater River State Forest in Northwest Florida. Mostly surrounded in longleaf pines and wiregrass, the Jackson Red Ground Trail is a historic route used by General Andrew Jackson and his 1,200 troops in 1818 as they marched towards Pensacola and was one of the earliest trade routes of Native Americans and settlers in Florida. While on the Juniper Creek Trail, you remain within sight of the Blackwater River and creek for quite a distance with spectacular views from the bluffs at Red Rocks. Keep your eyes open because you'll surely run into some cool wildlife along the way.

This is an out and back course with low elevation change. Runners will traverse mostly single track trails with roots and covered creek crossings rating it a low to medium on the technical scale.

Don't want to run the full 100 Miles or 100K? Try out our Deer Dodge 50 one month later in December.

Course Map:

Blackwater Map
Detailed directions for the course are provided in the Runner's Manual. (Distances on the map are approximate.)

To view a PDF of the different sections, click here: Map Sections.

Aid Stations: (Updated 12/4/16)

There will be multiple aid stations along the course ranging from 3-8 miles apart. Each aid station will be supplied with water, electrolyte drinks, snacks (and other warm goodies as the night rolls on), basic first aid, and enthusiastic volunteers. All runners MUST carry some form of hydration! It can be a simple 12 ounce bottle of water or a 100 ounce backpack, but it is MANDATORY that all runners carry hydration.

Bag drop locations are noted below. Matching colors in that column represent a bag drop location on the course that will be visited heading out and then again on your return trip back.
Aid Stations 100M
Aid Stations 100K